Call for Papers (CFP)

The purpose of the conference is to present the professional and general public with current and new methods of documentation using digital technologies and methods that are used in conservation in our country and in Europe.

Global trends in the field of cultural heritage in management, storage and public institutions is the digitization of the maximum amount of materials and achieve faster, more reliable and safer access to the data for professional and general public threw the Internet.

Digitisation makes possible online available all documentary, photographic, archival documents of the cultural heritage (negatives, photographs, audiovisual documents, planning documentation and graphics, paintings, textiles, etc.) Results from digitization of historical buildings general and professional public and government as well as save and preserve information for future generations.

We invite you to actively participate in the conference by presenting materials related to the themes listed below. Subject matter outside these themes may be presented with approval from the promoter.


Professional contributions and presentations

-     Collection of data in the area of monument documentation
    Object and building 3D scanning, photogrammetry, photographs, geodetic survay
-   Processing, archiving and presentation of scanned data
    BIM, models, cuts, possibilities for publication and presentation of results

-   Application study and implementation in practice
    Practical experience with digitisation, link with other disciplines

-   Digitization 2D
    Digitization of historical documents, books, photographs and audiovisual documents

-   Online and mobile aplications
    Applications for Cultural Heritage and Tourism


Commercial contributions and presentations

The aim of the conference is to present a wide range of commercial services that provide digital documentation in the area of conservation to participants, particularly directed toward conservation executives. Please present a draft paper describing the contents of your commercial presentation. The promoter reserves the right to determine the suitability of the topic of presentation.

Poster Section

It will be possible to present your contributions beyond the time frame of the conference in the poster section. The maximum poster size is A1 format. To participate in the poster section it is necessary to pre-register at the e-mail address listed below.

Conditions for acceptance of a professional or commercial contribution

- Submit an abstract of the professional or commercial contribution by 30 September 2019
- Submit the professional or commercial contribution by 30 October 2019
- Maximum abstract length is 1 page (1800 keystrokes)
- Abstract language version: English, Czech
- Presentation length is set at 25 minutes


Please note that submitted abstracts will be made available as a supplement of the conference programme in English, Czech. Please make sure your abstracts are designed with the knowledge they will be disclosed in the conference programme.

Presented abstracts will be compiled and published. The expected date of the publication of the proceedings is mid-2020.

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